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Why Counselling

Many people wonder about counselling.  Often it is shrouded in some sort of mystery and quite too often hokie-pokie  Someone once said that 20 years ago we never heard of counselling and now we all know a counsellor and they tend to be our most dysfunctional friend.  Counsellors may not like to hear that but in some incidents it could be true.  As a counsellor I often ask what is the most helpful I can be to others and why do they come to me?  I too have problems and get upset or have set backs.  Freud said we all are alittle mad and could benefit from counselling; Rogers talks about working on our own ongoing devlopment and Winnicot talks about being good enough. Professional counsellors are aware of their own issues and work towards sorting these out so as to be more helpful to the client. This is called being congruent and real.
Once in a while life gets to us all. We are disappointed, frustrated and angry.  This is normal.  However, when we feel stuck, hurt, depressed and alone over longer periods of time, then someting could be wrong and we may need help.  It is at times like this that counselling can help.  Having a professional listening ear that will not judge creates an enviromnment in which we feel accepted and cared for.  It provides new insight and new ways of looking at old problems; learning new behaviours and having greater healthier choices. Many of our issues cause us to fear the we are alone; no one will understand or even accept me if the knew the real me. 
But who is the Real YOU?  Everyone wants a better life; a happier life where they cope and manage better.  In counselling you can explore what makes you tick, why yo do and feel certain things.  Counselling can show how to change to be the preson you always wanted to be.
Its time to take control and change the things you want.  Act now and call to make an appointment. Live the life you want and deserve.  Pro-Consultations in Newry/Dundalk areas and Sentient Counselling in Belfast can help to make those changes now.
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This is called being congruent and real.
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Counselling can help you to: cope with a bereavement or relationship breakdown; cope with redundancy or work-related stress; explore issues.
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