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Counselling can  Help
Is counselling for me?
Most people at some stage in their lives experience difficulties.  These difficulties can cause stress and anxiety as well as problems in relationships and work. Not everyone needs counselling but if you feel you might, selecting the right counsellor is important.  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best service in the industry. Therefore we offer the first session at a reduced fee to establish if counselling would help and if this is the best plan for you.  There is absolutely no obligation to continue after this first session. Some people feel after consultation that they are doing well enough and need no further counselling help.
What will the Counsellor think of me?
We all make mistakes and have problems!  Being human is about facing life's difficult situations and making the best decision we can at the time.  Counselling helps us explore the best decision-making process to practically deal with these issues.  The therapist is trained to provide a professional non-judgmental approach.  We  all need support in times of crisis and this is what the counsellor aims to help you achieve. 
Will the Counsellor give me advice?
Counsellors do not give direct advice.  They will not moralise over the decisions which you make.  They will help you explore all options and help you decide on the "best fit" for your situation.
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Counselling may focus on:
- Loss or Bereavement
- Relationship problems
- Sexuality
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Career Development and Employment Issues
- Chronic Pain, Illness or Disability
- Personal growth
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