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Counselling in Northern Ireland. 
At Pro-Consultations Counselling in Northern Ireland, we understand that life can become overwhelming and stressful. Through confidential and professional care, we can start you on the path to a better life.
Practical, Confidential Counselling Services in the Newry, Dundalk Areas and Belfast
bereavement counselling
Feeling Alone... Life Can Be Difficult. Let Us Help.  We are here to listen and help. It's time to take control of your problems and live a happier and more fulfilling life. 
Counselling can help!
Most of us will encounter some significant change that causes us to feel alone, frighten, hurt and unable to cope. Many people can move on and return to a happy full life.  Some can't. They feel stuck and unsure; relationships begin to fall apart and confidence falls. 
Counselling can help.   
Personal and emotional wellbeing is possible. Let us help you get there again.
Pro-Consultations Counselling in Northern Ireland is located near Newry, in the beautiful Ring of Gullion countryside and in Belfast City Centre at City East office complex.
Effective, confidential, comfortable, professional counselling
We're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
 Our expert counsellors are qualified to perform individual, couples and group therapy sessions, and treat:
  • Anxiety & Depression - In Northern Ireland 1 in 5 of us will face a mental health problem sometime in our lives.
  • Low Self Esteem - most children suffer alone with a sense of worthlessness. Many become adults with the same loneliness and sense of defeat
  • Stress - one of the biggest problems causing absenteeism from school or lost days off work.
  • Addiction - whether with alcohol, drugs, food or gambling lives fall apart and families hurt.
  • Grief - Feeling alone or not understood after the loss of someone.
  • Life Transitions - often the most difficult part of life is fitting in after a significant move or change.
  • Trauma Related Issues - can result in the replay of unwanted horrible images, fear, isolation and harm.
  • Relationship Problems - every year more marriages have such difficulties they end in separation or divorce
This list is just a sample of what we can help you with. We will work with a number of issues to get you on the road to good mental health.
We are willing to work through all types of financial situations.
anxiety counselling
Counselling grief
for an appointment call...
(028) 30888414
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or text/call mobile     07875593841
bereavement counselling
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